• InfoCom Albania Awards honor innovative companies, services, products and market executives.
    The purpose of the awards is to publicly recognize the efforts and the effectiveness of all those who have contributed their creativity and passion to market growth and technology advancements in Albania.

    This year the Organizing committee selected the following awards

    Innovation and Education to Microsoft for the company contribution in evolving technological education and innovation in Albania

    CSR award, to Vodafone Albania for Telemedicine through Mobile

    3G Business Excellence award, to AMC for the successful deployment of its 3G network

    Triple Play Business Excellence award, to Tring Communications for the most effective combining presence in Albania, on telecommunications, broadband and television

    Manager of the Year award, to Mr. Orhan Coskun, CEO of ALBTelecom and Eagle Mobile for the most effective utilization of managerial merge of ALBtelecom and Eagle mobiles, in a unified business model in order to achieve unified services and scale economy.

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