• 09:00 – 09:30 Registrations & Coffee


    09:30 Opening

     Costas Nostis – Georgios Blekas, Organizing Committee


    09:30 – 11:45 Session 1: It’s all about Broadband!

    Genc Pollo, Minister of Innovation & ICT

    Ettore Sequi, Ambassador, Delegation of the European Union

    Jim Barnhart, Mission Director, USAID

    Anastasios Nikoyiannis, Regional Sales Area Manager, Skylogic

    Round Table

    Dragos-Mircea Rebegea, Country Manager, Ericsson

    Wei Heng, General Manager, Huawei

    Dimitrios Papadopoulos, General Manager, NSN

    Panagiotis Dallas, Wireless Systems Manager, Intracom Telecom

    Gentian Bajraktari, CTO, AbissNet

    Elton Poga, CTO, Top Channel

    Athanasios Karanasis, Area Manager, Adtran

    Moderator – Ioannis Tomkos, Professor, Athens Information Technology (AIT)


    11:45 – 12:15 Coffee Break


    12:15 – 14:15 Section 2: e-Albania, Let the data flow…

    Endri Hasa, Director of National Agency on Information Society (AKSHI)

    Arjan Xhelaj, Center Director, Academic Network of Albania (ANA)

    Edlira Kasaj, CEO, ProTIK ICT Resource Center

    Dritan Mezini, Board Chairman, Albanian Information and Technology Association (AITA)

    Artur Nurja, Technical Director, M-Pay


    Round Table

    Arsen Kurti, Country Manager, Microsoft

    Genci Likoskendaj, CCS Group

    Samir Mekic, Account Manager Sales, Cisco

    Nikos Tsantanis, Senior Product Manager, Telco Software, Intracom Telecom

    Lorenzo Gonzales, Strategist for Engerprise Group, EMEA, HP

    Murat Gurkas, Marketing Director, Eagle Mobile

    Elvis Bregu, New Products and Services Supervisor, Vodafone Albania

    Adrian Cioroianu, Business Development Manager, Intel

    Ionas Bantekas, CEO, M-Stat



    14:15 – 15:00 Lunch Break


    15:00 – 17:00 Session 3: CEO Summit – Searching for the right balance

    Pirro Xhixho, Chairman of the Agency of Electronic and Postal Communications (AKEP)

    Endira Bushati, Chairwoman, National Council of Radio & Television (KKRT)

    Sidrit Malevi, Head of Technical Secreteriat for Implementation of Switchover Strategy / Director of Digital Albania

    Round Table

    Endri Mataj, Advisor to the Prime Minister for Information Society

    Gjergji Gjinko, Director Of Cabinet, Ministry of Innovation & ICT

    Altin Rrapaj, Director of Market Regulation, Agency of Electronic and Postal Communications (AKEP)

    Dimitrios Blatsios, CEO, AMC

    Dietlof Mare, CEO, Vodafone Albania

    Orhan Coskun, CEO ALBtelecom & Eagle Mobile

    Julien Coustaury, CEO, Plus

    Artan Dulaku, Tring Telecommunications and Tring TV

    Alban Jaho, General Director, Digitalb

    Genti Daci, CEO, Abcom


    Questions & Answers

    17:00 InfoCom Albania Awards


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