• Venue

    The 8th “InfoCom World Albania”, will take place on Wednesday, 5th of April 2017 at “The Plaza Hotel” Tirana, Albania.


    The Hotel’s address is:

    Rruga 28 Nëntori, Tiranë, Shqipëri. Tel: (+355) (4) 221 12 21.

    For your convenience, further information about the hotel, as well as a map, can be found by clicking here.


    Time Schedule

    The Registration Desk of the conference opens at 09.00. The conference is concluded at 15.00.

    How can I learn more about the program of the conference?

    To learn more about the program of the conference you are kindly requested to follow the Menu “Program” when published. If you need any clarification or more information you can contact Mr.Idit Riza at +355 69 35 40 000.

    Where do I register to participate in the conference?

    In order to register online for the conference you can go at the registration page and fill in the form. The said page can be found by following the “Registration” link, displayed on the website’s header. If you are a member of the Press though, you should fill in the form found in the “Press Room” menu by clicking on the “Form For The Press” link, located in the left column.

    Is there any participation fee?

    IT & Telecom executives are welcome to participate for free. Academics & journalists are also free to participate.

    Can we stay at “The Plaza Hotel”?

    You can stay at the same Hotel where the conference is being held, by paying a special price. A specific number of rooms are pre-booked, especially for our guests and attendees. To book the rooms, please contact the Hotel Reception at: (+355) (4) 221 12 21, referring that you are a participant of the 8th Infocom World Albania. If you encounter any difficulty regarding the booking, please feel free to contact Mr.Idit Riza at: (+355) 69 35 40 000. Due to the limited number of rooms pre-booked, we suggest that you book your room asap.


    How can I acquire the presentations, speeches etc., of the conference?

    If you attend the conference you will take a bag full of the related press material upon registration. If you fail to attend you can still acquire speeches and presentations of the conference as these are going to be available for downloading on the website of the conference. In addition, if you wish to receive conference related content by post, you should contact Mr. Idit Riza at +355 69 35 40 000.

    Will there be internet access at the conference venue?

    For your convenience, during the 8th Infocom World Albania you will have free Wi-Fi access.


    Will the conference be in English?

    The conference is actually bilingual since Albanian translation is available in real time.

    I’m a journalist. Is there any infrastructure for the Media?

    Please refer to the special section of this site under the title: ”Press Room”.

    Who is organizing the conference?

    The conference is organized by Bizz LTD in collaboration with AIF (Albanian Innovation Foundation).

    How can I contact you at the day of the conference?

    You can call “The Plaza Tirana” (Reception (+355) (4) 221 1221) and ask to be put through to the registration desk of the “Infocom World Albania” conference.

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