• Already recognized as an institution from the Information & Telecommunications market as well as the political leadership of Albania, the 5th InfoCom Albanian Telecom Forum tοοκ place on 10th of December at Sheraton Hotel, in Tirana, under the motto ‘Digital Gates to EU’. This motto reflects one of the biggest challenges that Albania faces, on its way to fulfill the requirements for its European integration.

     Session 1: Creating Digital Highways

    In this session digital networks infrastructure was the case. Companies, institutions and government presented their views on building and utilizing Next Generation -wired and wireless- Networks.

    The tremendous technological developments in the telecommunications sector, consistently reaffirm the Evolution Theory, while incite providers to increasingly pressing investment plans, and looking for the best recipe of Return of Investment. In this arena, various technologies compete with each other, but also complement each other, so that the business plans generate positive outcome.

    At the keynotes session academic scientists and analysts presented their view, regarding the technologies and business models which will get closest to the targets of “Digital Agenda 2020”.

    At the round table session, delegates from network providers, vendors and service providers deploy their strategy for broadband dissemination in Albania.

     Session 2: Connected Business and Opportunities

    Another decisive point for Albania, is the exploitation of the great potential of technology, necessary for the growth of economy, for entrepreneurship and productivity as well as the improvement of the quality of life for its citizens. Along data-agnostic digital highways, the All-IP communication model can interconnect almost everything: from people to machines and from computers to extended smart grids.

    The Information Technology and Telecommunications, empower businesses with several skills-set, in order to convert a significant portion of CapEx to OpEx, freeing up precious capital resources, while at the same time allowing them to consolidate their relationship with their customers.

    This change affects, not only small medium businesses, but also bigger organizations, from the banking sector to the State structures.

    In this section, cloud service providers, operators and banking presented their proposals for a data-centric environment, which is constantly expanding, while they respond to challenges, both in terms of how to manage the volume of information, but also with consideration to the delicate balance between accessibility and security.

     Session 3: CEO Summit: Growth & Collaboration

    The highlight of the 5th Infocom Albania Conference was the CEO Summit. The annual meeting point, where renowned personalities from the Albanian telecoms sector, exchange comments and opinions and spotted the positive footprint of telecommunication and their services, almost in every sector of economy and governance. They also presented their targets and perspectives, the trends and steps they intend to follow in the near future, as they seek the ideal balance between securing the CapEx and  the urgent need for adopting new and modern technologies.

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